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We Want To Help

Your Patient Advocate assists before, during, or after care.

Walls Consulting Services opened its doors for business in 2001.  

Walls Consulting Services operates out of Georgetown and serves Austin, Buda, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Kyle, Leander, Salado and San Marcos.  

 As your Credentialed Mediator we will be fair and impartial helping you resolve the dispute whether it is Family Dispute or Business Dispute. 

As a Patient Advocate, and our 20+ years experience in dealing with insurance companies, Walls Consulting Services will untangle the mysteries of your claims payments per your policy. We are here to help not just the client but also their caregivers.

As your Patient Advocate Walls Consulting Services will

  • manage your insurance claims
  • negotiate with the service provider and/or the insurance carrier for coverage, in-network vs. out of network coverage
  • make sure your insurance carrier is paying all the claims that are covered by your insurance policy
  • speak on your behalf with health care providers (doctors, daily assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists and hospitals) regarding your bills.
  • assist you in contracting Home Health providers and keep a record of the hours and make sure charges are correct.

As a Patient Advocate Walls Consulting Services can also assist with

  • filing income taxes,
  • paying utilities & other bills,
  • grocery shopping,
  • take you to your doctor and dentist appointments,
  • listen and help the patient communicate, understand, remember and cope with an often confusing and fearful process.

To contact us:

Please complete the simple registration form under "Contact Us".

How does it work?

When we receive your request Eliza Walls will call you and discuss your situation. Initial consultation meeting will be arranged. The first consultation meeting is an informational meeting; there will be no charge.

Who is the Mediator and the Patient Advocate?

Eliza Walls is Credentialed Mediator in Texas with many years experience in successful mediations. She holds certification as a Human Resource Professional (PHR) and has over 20 years experience working with Insurance Companies. She gained that experience by working for medical facilities, educational facilities, and private sector employers. Eliza worked directly with insurance companies on behalf of her employers and employees. Through this experience Eliza knows what questions to ask of the providers, the insurance company representatives, and various medical billers to be most effective as your Patient Advocate.

We are not insurance agents or bill collectors, we are not liable for claim denials and/or any treatments provided by your physicians