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We Want To Help

Your Patient Advocate assists before, during, or after care.


We offer Mediation to resolve disputes and we also assist with issues dealing with doctors or billing. 

Do you want someone to help you deal with an unpleasant dispute or help you deal with "unknown" bills when you need someone on your side?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you want to talk to us. It is simple - just fill in your information under "Contact Us"

  • What does a Mediator do? Mediator is a neutral third party who listens to both sides and brings the parties closer to an agreement to the disagreement.
  • What does a Patient Advocate do ? An Independent Patient Advocate works for patients who need assistance understanding the often confusing world of medical bills (Explanation of Benefits or EOB's) and treatments. Patient Advocate helps clients sort through regular household bills, medical bills and keep important items in order; she acts as a support structure and, if legally contracted to do so, may act as a liaison between the client, the client's guardian, their Health Care Provider, and either medical or other billing departments .
  • A Patient Advocate saves precious time and unnecessary aggravation,
  • saves money by becoming familiar with the insurance policy and works on their behalf with billing departments, insurance company representatives, and healthcare providers.
  • Assists with paying bills and running errands.

Walls Consulting Services offers discounts to Veterans and their families.